hello. my name is mirabella. this is my website. you can navigate either by using the top menu or by browsing the three pages linked below, where you’ll find samples and explanations of the services i provide. keep scrolling and you’ll find my blog, scraps & sparks, where i post about things i think are neat. if you’re interested in reading more about my qualifications, you can click here to view my resume.




from concept to page proofs, i work to enhance each piece’s unique strengths and preserve authorial intent, prioritizing communication and transparency throughout the process.



looking for essays, articles, poetry, marketing material, or something else entirely? explore a collection of academic, professional, and creative work spanning years.



i also do some visual work. i have experience in website construction, book illustration, and tattoo design. i’ve also dabbled in animation. all of the work displayed on this site is my own.

i’m an orlando-based, asheville-bound writer and editor. i have a degree in writing and rhetoric, a minor in music composition, and a relentless passion for the odd and the uncanny—i love finding and writing about horror as it exists in the mundane.

taking inspiration from the likes of josé saramago, tony kushner, and kurt vonnegut, my work explores the moments where the otherworldly interacts with the everyday, small acts of love, and monsters. i like thinking about genre conventions and archetypes.

in my editing, i take a collaborative approach—prioritizing transparency, communication, and preservation of intent. having been on both sides of the process, i get that editing can be a frustrating process when communication is poor, so i strive to provide clarity throughout the process.

my love of magical realism and southern gothic has gotten me published in works such as umbra and recognized by the faulkner society. i’m also the (re)founder and editor in chief of the coye law chronicle. after a long day of writing, you’ll often find me playing piano or chess (or even megachess) or catching a local band’s show.


check out my recommendations and the pieces that have influenced my writing lately.