looking for an editor who knows what it’s like to be a writer? i’m here to help. every piece has different needs and every writer has different objectives, so i tailor my approach to each project accordingly. these are examples of some of the services i provide. if you’re interested in editing or consultation on a piece, whether that looks like one of the below options or something else entirely, let’s talk.


still in the conceptual stages of a piece? want to find out what questions an audience might ask about your world-building, receive critique on an argument’s overall strength, or just bounce ideas off someone? if you’re just getting started, this might be the route for you.


maybe you’re unsure about your pacing and structure—are you concerned that aspects of your piece might be over- or under-written? are you debating which order to put sections of a piece in? structural edits look at the overall cohesion and flow of a document, and can make a huge difference in how your work is received.


or are you 99% done and tired of looking at it? need a fresh set of eyes to buff out any grammatical inconsistencies or spelling errors that may have slipped through the cracks? the final 1% can be tougher and more elusive than every step that precedes it, but having a proofreader can relieve that workload and propel you to the finish line.